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1. Is only Mezcal served?

a.  NO, other Agave Spirits like Tequila, Sotol, Raicilla can and may be served by our Brand Partners.

b.  Additionally, other spirits may be presented by sponsors/Celebrity Bartenders.

2. Are children allowed?

a.  Because of the nature of the Festival children are not allowed.

3. How much food will be available?

a.  At least 9 Celebrity Chefs will be serving food for the duration of the festival in 2 hour long showcases.

4. What does my GA

Ticket/Wristband Include?

a.  General Admission tickets give you access to the full event including unlimited Mezcal Tastings of 25+ Brands, Acclaimed Chefs Serving Food for 6 hours, Arts, Access to Brunch and Bazaar on Sunday, and Live Entertainment.

5. Can I become a Sponsor?

a.  YES! Please email thru contact form on SPONSOR PAGE

6. Is traveling to Mexico Safe?

a.  YES! Our team drives down often and regularly following the Toll Roads and not diverting from plans or transportation. If you feel unsafe we definitely recommend hiring transportation. Find out more about our Transportation Partners HERE.